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Established in 2006 by Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, the New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative (NEEDCSI) is a Nigeria–based, registered non-profit organization. NEEDCSI is committed to the revival of human values that transcend religious, ethnic and cultural differences. These values include a sense of belonging to a common humanity, respect and consideration for all people, compassion and non-violence, a commitment to preserving the natural environment, and a social service ethic.

NEEDCSI’s mission is to provide local communities with an array of educational programs that encourage individual creative self-expression, exploration and experimentation, and increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of the creative process by facilitating communication and interaction among educators, learners and the general public. NEEDCSI is working to help young people discover and develop their inherent gifts, talents and abilities, with an aim to raise ethical, responsible, self-disciplined and creative citizens capable of building a positive and sustainable society.

The organization has 5 major programs through which it aims to achieve its vision of a peaceful and prosperous world. These are:

  • Character and Social Responsibility Program: dedicated to helping young people develop the convictions and skills to build a safe, sustainable, and just world through education in conflict resolution, prevention of violence and crime, inter-group and interfaith relations, and character development;
  • Leadership Education and Training Program: includes entrepreneurial and financial management training, educational seminars on democracy and good governance, health, gender issues, human rights, citizenship and social responsibilities, and a mentoring program that connects established and emerging youth leaders;
  • Interfaith Youth Forum for Dialogue and Development: committed to promoting enduring interfaith cooperation and to ending religiously motivated violence; and
  • Values in African Thought Education Program: aimed at providing students with opportunities to interact, listen and learn from elected officials, traditional wisdom carriers, celebrated intellectuals and leading lights in Nigeria and beyond. This program fosters understanding, capacities and relationships needed by young people committed to stepping forward and creating the change they want to see in the world.

In September 2007, NEEDCSI started a school in Jos, Nigeria committed to values-based education, creative self-expression and positive character development. This school, known as Creative Minds International Academy, is currently providing 552 young Nigerians with learning opportunities that develop a sound knowledge and appreciation of Nigeria’s rich traditional values and cultural heritage, and situate this understanding in a global context to understand how they can participate in the emerging global community.

This effort has attracted great support and resources from different parts of the world and has brought visitors to Nigeria to learn about the beauty and wisdom of the Nigerian culture. They come to see how Creative Minds International provides modern education for students while promoting an appreciation for the traditional cultural values of Nigeria, which fosters self esteem along with pride in their heritage and tradition. With this enterprise, the school is creating programs that expand the awareness and influence of Nigeria’s cultural heritage and, at the same time, provides a foundation for Nigerians to become creative social entrepreneurs.

Also part of the educational curriculum of the Academy is environmental awareness, not only in terms of the physical environment but also the cultural and social environment. The school’s emphasis on values and character is designed to produce citizens of Nigeria and of the world who will be able to address the inevitable challenges of the future. The school offers strong community support, dedicated staff and the privileged attention of educators around the globe. Technology is an indispensable tool in supporting these pathways to learning, since it provides multiple ways to access knowledge, display information, share and demonstrate knowledge, support critical thinking and inquiry, and participate in collaborative and real-world learning experiences.

Creative Minds International provides education that uses skills, aptitudes and attitudes to turn opportunities into reality. What makes the system unique is its focus on creative self-expression and the realization of opportunities, as students are provided with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success in a variety of ways. The program is designed to encourage and develop positive attitudes toward learning, curiosity, self-discipline and the ability to learn and cooperate with others. This has provided a bright future to many young Nigerians who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Having dedicated his life to restoring peace, love, and harmony in his country Nigeria and on earth, Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba gives of himself freely. He serves as a board member of several local and international non-governmental organizations including the Safe Water for Africa Community Initiative and African Christian Youth Development Foundation. Emmanuel is also the National Coordinator of the Nigeria Interfaith Youth Forum and the International Ethics Study Circle Coordinator for The Dalai Lama Foundation. In May 2008, he received the United Nations Millennium Development Ambassador Award from the Africa Regional Chapter of Teachers Without Borders.

For more information about the organization and Creative Minds International Academy, please visit the website:  www.needcsi.org.

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Ajayi Olutayo

Ajayi Olutayo

11. October, 2012 |

People like you are needed on this continent to take us to where we should be. Keep it up man!

Marcus Edibogi Akor

Marcus Edibogi Akor

11. October, 2012 |

Thanks for this powerful article. I am very glad I read it. Keep up your great work and remain Blessed Law!

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