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Through the leadership of our passionate and dedicated Coordinators, Africa Unbound Chapters bring together individuals who are interested in learning and exploring ways in which they can begin to tap into their creative power. The local chapters provide a community where members support each other’s growth and development by sharing ideas and resources. To join a chapter listed below, send an email to the chapter coordinator.

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Abuja Chapter

Abuja, Nigeria

Accra Chapter

Accra, Ghana

Addis Ababa Chapter

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Freetown Chapter

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Lagos Chapter

Lagos, Nigeria

Lomé Chapter

Lomé, Togo

Nairobi Chapter

Nairobi, Kenya

Chapter Coordinators

  • Paa Kwesi Inkumsah

    Paa Kwesi Inkumsah

    Chapter Coordinator, Accra Chapter

    Paa Kwesi Inkumsah, Ghana (Accra) Chapter Coordinator, is a passionate enthusiast of personal development. A social entrepreneur, he explores his skills and talents to create and share inspiration through his writings. Paa Kwesi served as president of JCI Ghana in 2009. In 2010 he was appointed to serve as JCI UN affairs commissioner for Africa and the Middle East. He is also the co-president of International Institute for Global Education, an institute with a unique curriculum of studies to create effective global leaders.

  • Lawrence Afere

    Lawrence Afere

    Chapter Coordinator, Lagos Chapter

    Lawrence Afere, Nigeria (Lagos) Chapter Coordinator, is the Managing Director of Morincam Industries & Resources Ltd. He is an empowerment trainer, entrepreneur, social agent and youth development facilitator. Lawrence is also the founder and coordinator of The Youth Farm Project in Ondo State, Nigeria where socio-economically disadvantaged youth are empowered through agriculture. In 2009, based on his innovative approach to solving youth unemployment in his immediate community, he was nominated for a national award by the Federal Ministry of Youth. Lawrence holds a BSc. in Business Administration from Covenant University, Nigeria.

  • Felix Bidemi Iziomoh

    Felix Bidemi Iziomoh

    Chapter Coordinator, Lagos Chapter

    Felix is a social entrepreneur and an author. He is the Director of International Centre for Leadership Development Nigeria an Affiliate of International Institute for Global Leadership in Asheville, U.S.A. Felix is a graduate in Human Kinetics from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and also a graduate in Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development from the International Institute for Global Leadership. He has also earned a Diploma in Social Entrepreneur and Outlook program from the Centre for Social Initiative and Management, Chennai, India. Felix says, “I am humbled to be part of the Africa Unbound Movement and I look forward to serving my fellow Africans. Together we can!!!”

  • Stephen O. Okplogidi

    Stephen O. Okplogidi

    Chapter Coordinator, Abuja Chapter

    Stephen is a Computer Instructor in Deo Gratias College, Abuja. He is also a youth development facilitator and a member of Eminent Youth Empowerment Foundation, an NGO working to empower young Nigerians. Stephen holds B. Sc. in Statistics/Computer Science from Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

  • Rahel Yifru Tesfaye

    Rahel Yifru Tesfaye

    Chapter Coordinator, Addis Ababa Chapter

    Rahel has always been active in her community by engaging in various voluntary activities. For the last three years, she’s been serving as a community service director for the Rotary Club in Addis Ababa. Rahel studied Foreign Language and Literature at Addis Ababa University at the International Language Study department and earned her first degree in 2010. She is interested in reading books on human psychology, planning and coordinating events, playing ground tennis and practices Yoga. Rahel says, “Proudly, I share the vision of the Africa Unbound Movement, `A Thriving Africa where citizens live in peaceful harmony with each other and the world, in prosperity and freedom to express their creativity and ingenuity` and it’s a privilege to be part of it!”

  • Kosi Sepénou Davui

    Kosi Sepénou Davui

    Chapter Coordinator, Lomé Chapter

    Kosi Sepénou Davui, Togo (Lomé) Chapter Coordinator, is the Director of Initiative for a Positive Future in Lomé, Togo, where he conducts training in leadership development. He is also a volunteer at various local NGOs working in the fields of peace, human rights, and protection and promotion of children and the youth. He holds a license by the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

  • Muki Garang

    Muki Garang

    Chapter Coordinator, Nairobi Chapter

    Muki Garang, Kenya (Nairobi) Chapter Coordinator, is the founder of Maisha Yetu, an arts and culture NGO that uses popular culture to provide education on different key issues affecting Africans. He convened the ‘Hip Hop Parliament’ in the midst of the post-election violence 2007/2008 in Kenya, as a means to engage Nairobi’s youth in positive dialogue across ethnic lines. His work utilizes music as a tool for community empowerment and is now noted worldwide. Muki is the brainchild behind Words and Pictures (WAPI) - an acclaimed youth arts project in Nairobi which serves as a monthly platform for upcoming artists.

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Ajayi Olutayo

Ajayi Olutayo

11. October, 2012 |

People like you are needed on this continent to take us to where we should be. Keep it up man!

Marcus Edibogi Akor

Marcus Edibogi Akor

11. October, 2012 |

Thanks for this powerful article. I am very glad I read it. Keep up your great work and remain Blessed Law!

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