The Africa Unbound Mentorship Program

The Renaissance Alliance Program has launched with powerful examples of the emerging agents of change on the continent. The young people presented here are just a sample of the talent and creativity that abounds in Africa.

We invite you to be part of this vibrant and intentional network.

As a mentor you will play a valuable role in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders. The ability to take what you have learned in life and share it with someone else is one of the most generous things you can do. There is a new generation that can benefit from your knowledge and experiences. Your time and effort will make a difference in the life of a young person and you will be playing an important role in building a better world.

As a Renaissance Alliance mentee you will have access to a seasoned professional as your personal guide as you develop your ideas and implementation plan. In addition to your mentor, the entire Renaissance Alliance family worldwide is accessible to you through our online platform on Facebook.

Among the vibrant young men and women who are enrolled in the program are:

Cathie LajideI am a caring, committed and enthusiastic individual who has flexible approach to life in general. I hold a university degree in Accounting and have worked as senior accounts personnel in the Telecom industry in Ghana. In 2011, I founded Community Rehabilitation Advocates For Transformation (C.R.A.F.T.), a platform for advocating for the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities in our communities. The campaign encompasses awareness creation within both communities of people with disabilities and the general public, as well as empowerment of PWDs through programs that help them live a productive life.  My motivation comes from my belief that if I can think it, I can achieve it.  I don’t believe in impossibilities. Persistence, enthusiasm and consistency are my watch words. My passion for life gives me freedom from fear. Passion is what makes me wake up in the morning and want to try again. 

Moses KisakyeI am currently volunteering my services as a social worker with Uganda Rural Fund, an organisation that focuses on empowering AIDS orphans, underprivileged youths, and women in rural communities to fight the cycle of poverty through education and sustainable development. I hold a bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration from Uganda Christian University. I am interested in instilling hope in those who have lost it in order for them to live life as it’s supposed to be lived. Advocating is my passion. I enjoy speaking on behalf of the voiceless. I hope the mentorship program will help me broaden my career as a social worker and also broaden my reasoning as far as analyzing issues is concerned. I love reading, traveling, sports, learning new things, etc.  My key words are honesty, hope and integrity.  

Oluwaseun NariwohI want to encourage the youth in Lagos that they can become all they want to be if they have a vision and are committed to it with perseverance. I'm a sport administrator by profession and I would like to teach those who are in sport that they can combine sport and academics and excel in both because I am a living example. I would like to focus on children, in particular the girl child. My focus will be on how to develop sports and academics at the grassroots level. Public sensitization towards contributing your own quota in the community is also part of the programme I will introduce in my community thereby bringing peaceful co-existence. Health they say is wealth so I would also like to organise at least monthly walk and aerobics exercises for people of all ages.

I currently live in Nigeria where I work as a Project Officer at ABANTU for Development, an African regional gender-focused NGO. I have a passion for development work.  I’ve been helping rural communities to engage with their elected representatives, raise awareness on gender and human rights issues, support livelihood activities etc.  I’m very much interested in developing my leadership capacity, communication and research skills for better programming.  Some of my hobbies include reading, photography, freelance writing, meeting new people and gardening.  I hold a first degree in International Studies from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; Nigeria.

I recently graduated from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana at the age of 24. I earned a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Business. I am currently doing my national service at a senior high school, where I share my knowledge with the students.  I have developed a strong interest in leadership and public speaking.  I believe that Africa is not poor but it is Africans who are poor. We have a lot of resources but it is only a few who are benefiting. God did not put as on this great continent called Africa to suffer, I believe that through our collective efforts we can bring hope to this prosperous continent. This will only be achieved if we can harness our God given potentials.  Great nations were born through great leaders. For instance, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. just to mention a few.  These leaders were able to communicate their ideas unequivocally for their people to act upon. Africans have the skills and potentials to positively affect the continent but they need people who can push, encourage, train and motivate them, so that they will be able to compete with their counterparts anywhere in the world. That is my passion and I believe that through this mentorship program I will be able to achieve my dream of making the world a better place by developing my leadership skills and public speaking abilities.    

Nana BonsuMy aim is to help create extensive awareness in my community for our people to take up the challenge of protecting our environment ourselves, and to make government accountable for its part in degrading the environment.  I would like to do this by writing inspiring articles in magazines and books.  In my country, Ghana, the problems of solid and liquid waste disposal, water and air pollution are not getting adequate attention.  I would like to galvanize the people to take up the challenge of protecting our environment for our children and their children. Yes we need developmental projects but shouldn’t come at the expense of degrading of our environment.

I am a passionate entrepreneur with a knack for addressing developmental challenges, business and technology skills development. As co-founder and Executive Director for the Kumasi Center for Lifelong Learning, I work with a team to provide avenues for aspiring entrepreneurs to access relevant information, training, mentorships and business start-up support. As project manager for the organization's entrepreneurship series, my intention is to empower young Ghanaians with relevant entrepreneurial skills, mentorship and start-up support to create jobs, initiate ideas that address community challenges such as sanitation, food production, and education. It is envisaged that this project would become the flagship avenue for creating jobs, building capacity and helping address specific community needs. Additionally, I am an Atlas Corps Fellow Alumni, Africa Unbound Kumasi Chapter Coordinator, a columnist for, where I pen on issues of development, business and technology. I hold a Masters degree in Governance and Sustainable Development from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. 

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Ajayi Olutayo

Ajayi Olutayo

11. October, 2012 |

People like you are needed on this continent to take us to where we should be. Keep it up man!

Marcus Edibogi Akor

Marcus Edibogi Akor

11. October, 2012 |

Thanks for this powerful article. I am very glad I read it. Keep up your great work and remain Blessed Law!

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